Centennial Park
Carson City, NV 2009

Collaborative planning and design with Kyle Horvath (current Director of Tourism, Ely NV): Soils analysis, branding, course-routing, planting-plan with Nevada Division of Forestry.

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Zephyr Cove Park Disc Golf Course
Douglas County, NV 2015

Participatory Master Plan & Nonprofit Board Proposal. Unanimous approval from Douglas County Parks Commission to form a nonprofit to guide the plan under the direction of a professional board.

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Pine Nuts Disc Golf Course
Douglas County, NV 2017

Organized a regional coalition of disc golf activists and presented a plan (link to pdf attached) to Douglas County Parks Commissioners to develop a disc golf course adjacent to the County Fairgrounds. Project was approved, re-branded as Pine Nuts DGC, and constructed from 2017-2018. Innovative design features included stabilized aggregate tee pads, fabricated tee sign brackets, and informative interpretive information incorporated into each tee sign. Welded metal sculptures have been added throughout the course by a local artist at the main kiosk, 'bag-holders' and artistic benches.

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Carson Ridge Disc Golf Park & Interpretive Trails
Carson City, NV 2017 - 2023

Collaboration with Senior Park Planner/Landscape Architect re-routing course layouts for two courses on land transferred from the BLM to Carson City Parks. Successfully built and led a volunteer army as Carson Ridge Disc Golf Club to leverage a $118K Land & Water Conservation Fund matching grant into a $1M+ model disc golf facility for conservation, community and recreational tourism over 5 years, meeting the objectives in the grant application. The Stadium Course and the Pony Express Disc Golf Trail are currently ranked #1 and #3 respectively in Nevada on Udisc. High performance tee pads match native stone & lichen. Developed innovative, vandal resistant tee sign frames & brackets. World's first pre-planned disc golf trail-system through extreme terrain, including drainage structures, terracing, armored landing zones and greens (putting areas), to protect native soils from millions of footsteps. Trail and brush-clearing to create defensible park space (wildfire risk). Development of disc golf Best Management Practices.

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Bijou Disc Golf Course Map & Kiosk Signage
South Lake Tahoe, CA 2021

Graphic Design & Layout developed collaboratively between DGLA and the South Tahoe Disc Golf Association

Lead designer: DGLA Associate James Ryan

design development

final design installed


native rock seating area at teepad with live edge bench in background basket on top of constructed native rock pyramid surrounded by black cinder sand close-up of live-edge bench anchored into native rock a decorative tee area with native rock terracing a tee area with bench and landscaped tee area with mountains in background