Project Initiation

We will take all the necessary steps to ensure the feasibility of a successful disc golf course design, including:

Professional Survey

We can conduct professional surveys to measure public interest and show the impact a potential course could have on local economies and communities.

Inventory & Analysis

We will take note of all relevant landscape features — natural and built, and the local climate, microclimates, ecological systems, soil type, topography, and any other conceivable variables involved in the safety and success of the potential course, including site accessibility and regulatory concerns.

Funding Procurement

We will perform public presentations to garner support for local recreational budget allotments. We can also write grant proposals for additional funding from non-profit organizations.

inventory graphic of disc golf basket and island green area

Sustainable Course Design

Our landscape architect and construction manager will go through the collaborative process of professionally designing a sustainable disc golf course:

Conceptual Design

Our initial concept takes into consideration all the information gathered in the project initiation, combined with our foundational knowledge in disc golf course design, to create an idea that stimulates disc golfers not only through course challenges, but also by showcasing the natural beauty of the landscape. All of this is done under the umbrella of sustainability and public safety.

Design Devlopement

We will work out out all the specifics and details of the project. Materials, trail systems, erosion prevention, potential park structures and aesthetic features...every component of the design to fit the needs and desires of the land and project. We will also design tee-sign graphics and full course maps for the public.

Construction Documentation

We will draw and write out all the construction documentation needed to comply with local codes, obtain necessary permits, and get bids from contractors. At this point, course intstallation can begin.

Maintenance/Master Planning

Professionally written maintenance plans provide clients with clear, scheduled instructions to maintain course appearance and function. Master plans provide guidelines for future course additions, if desired.

detailed tee sign graphic with elevation map and pin locations

Note: We can also redesign existing courses to fix given problems and/or enhance the experience. Let us know what your needs are!


Course Construction

Our crew and local contractors can take on full or partial construction of the course:

Basket and Teepad Installation

The fundamental elements of a disc golf course. Our experienced construction crew can install these components correctly and efficiently. This can also include tee-signs and course map/park rule signs.

Construction Supervision

We can supervise local contractors (and our crew) as they perform construction work on the course, ensuring everything is built correctly.

Artistic Enhancements

Under the supervision of our art director, we can add aesthetic and functional elements to the course to create a more captivating experience. Some examples of this are live edge benches, stone seating areas, and raised island greens.

colorful rock seating area under tree with teepad and bench in background